Right Wrong

What’s right… what is wrong..
Never we heed… to dive beyond..

The path we choose, is the path we lead
Right or wrong.. change seldom screams.

Gone with the wind, gone with its sails
Ever do remember.. That truth never fails.



All we do is crave..
From dreams to actions,
From actions to directions.
All we do is crave.
Time to think is what we lack,
Time to heal is what we never peel.
All we do is crave on heels.
What we need..What we don’t,
Is never ever asked within..anymore.
All we do is crave for more.
Be the crave in Kind
Be the crave in Joy
Be the crave in Peace
All we do is crave for all others than these.
True to your heart, True to your soul..
Crave for love that ignites thy soul,
Crave for life that binds thy soul.
All said and all done..still
All we do is crave..

Live High

Live high with no sigh..
Outlooks arrive… for words to derive.
Calm as a clam.. Strong as a storm…
Dwell in thy life.. beaconing your norms.

amazing balance blur boulder

Kites of Life

Kites of Life

Many a kind… they do unwind
The colours of kites… are the colours of light..

In a tiny twine… they form a line
Connecting…and Combine so fine

Though so far… viewed in par
Control in you…though flaws occur

Mind is your kite, Heart is your twine
Blending both…makes your life Divine.

Don’t worry my friend…

Don’t worry my friend…

People step in and step out from our lives…
They are the lessons, we learn, in life.
Varieties of people…differ by heart and mind,
piercing and delighting our moments of many kind.
Listen to your heart, listen to your soul…
break all the rules that smell foul.
I may not be your advisor, nor your preacher…
A listener I am, a lending shoulder I am, for you.
Don’t worry on the past;
nor on the future.. as it’s always, a tomorrow.
Today is the day, Today is your cast…
the moment to live…the moment to last.
Smile your way that makes millions their day…
Being happy is simple, Making others happy gives your heart, an ample dimple.

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