Our Stay @Amanti cottage in Blackheath NSW near Blue Mountains

We had an awesome stay and amazing time at the cottage. It’s a stupendous place with artistic splendour decorated inside out in parallel to the modern world. Amanti Cottage
– The garden is a pure bliss. It’s calm, clean and tidy. You can have a glimpse of the birds that visit the garden everyday. During our stay, two red parrots visited and my kids feed them with the grains that were kept handy in the cottage.
– The Kitchen and Living room are of modern standards with all accessories made available. Only thing we found missing was a blender. Apart from that, the kitchen is superbly equipped with all essentials. The fridge is equipped with jams, breads, eggs, butter, peanut butter and milk for morning breakfasts.
– The Living room is huge with a big flat screen tv and a dvd player with a huge collection of dvds. Me and my kids watched the “The lost world” movie. It was fun. The sofa is so very plushy and made our backs super comfortable.
– Each of the bedrooms were graced with grandeur and style.
– The bathroom has a spa!!! That’s a wow wow wow… Once you get in, you won’t want to come out. That was my experience while I was in the spa with my kids. Neither did they want to come out nor did I 🙂 lol.
– The cottage is equipped with a centralised heating system which worked wonders during our stay. The beds had electric heating blankets which did their job to their best.
– The carport is huge and our 8 seater wagon fitted in perfectly.
Overall, our stay at Amanti cottage gave us some evergreen moments and everlasting memories to take along. Thanks to Kim for accomodating us in such short notice and making our stay memorable forever.



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