My 92 phones usage review

Phones are to get connected and to stay in touch. My love for mobile phones lasts till I get another phone to try. Sometimes it lasts till I use it few times and few more times. Some phones I love them forever no matter how many times I use it, I still keep refreshing my moments with those phones. Phones here are the mobile phones I talk about. This blog is try rewinding all my memories on all the phones that I have used till date. My first phone was a Samsung SGH-2200 and my current phone is an iPhone 6. In total I have used 92 phones from the year 1999 till date.

My favorite phones close to my heart all time would be Nokia 3310, Nokia  6100, Nokia 6510, Nokia 2310, Nokia 6210, Nokia 6310i, Nokia E51, Nokia Lumia 800, HTC One M7, Samsung SGH-2200, Mitsubishi Trium-Mars, i-mate sp3, Motorola C350, Motorola C398, Panasonic gd75, Sony j70, Sony Ericsson T600, Sony Ericsson p900, Blackberry Curve 9300, Nokia Lumia 820, iPhone 6

I will be updating this blog detailing about each phone I have used based on the following parameters:

– Overview

– Features I like about

– Features that could have been better


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