My Train to Work


Everyday in a weekday is my way to work through a trip by railway. Technology brought us together that’s what I feel while in a train. Not just for me but for everyone around me. The train used to be a wonderful watch during my childhood. I used to gaze at the trains passing by my home in Chennai. I would long for the short  trips with my dad in his car to watch the wheels on rails. It was so much fun then. You maybe wondering how different it’s now lol. I used to see the exterior charm of the trains before . What I now see is the inner sights of people in the train. Their faces make me think all no good about trains. Faces of all kinds other than smiles that’s missing. From grownups to still growing, all are busy engaged with man made religion…the so called “technology”. My sincere thanks to the people, technology and situations that made me write this blog on what I see in my daily commute.

Work is one aspect in life that keeps us engaged in an activity either fully or partially doesn’t matter lol. Our thoughts revolve around these patterns all through the day thinking HOW, WHY and WHAT type of questionnaires. Either it’s at workplace or at home, these are the sparks that fuel your mind most of the times. These questions often elevate stress levels depending upon the nature of work. The reason for me bring up this para is just to remind that work is not all. It’s just a part of life. Sadly, at times it Increases your sorrow than joy.

Time is 8am and I got into the train just to see all new faces, none smiling or talking to each other but staring at their gadgets wondering if it was their girlfriend or boyfriend lol. I see people sit next so close, just by body. By minds and hearts, they’re way too far. I got a place to sit till the time of travel ends or till I help a needy stranger to have a seat.  One station after the other, the train stops by. I just see thumbs thumping the gadgets on the platform. I getting obsessed to the thought of human technology in our era where no human connections is required. Weird but true isn’t?

When I say so I look upon my smartphone screen where this blog is being thumped by me lol. I am happy in a way that technology helps in expressing my thoughts that travel in train through me.

Let’s relax thumping for a while and treat the way life treats us. Gaze through the train windows and feel the beauty surround. Dwell into conversation with a stranger (wherever applicable lol) and make friends. Finally try meeting people in your so called friends list in social media. Make friends by seeing and knowing each other rather than texting.

Time to get out off the train and off my thoughts…back into reality where technology feeds my tummy… Lol… I work in IT.


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