A Slice of my…self

A very good morning is a least way to express the way I feel today. I couldn’t complete my shower without staring at the mirror….thinking of yesterday…smiling…laughing for a while and then another while too lol.

Gifts given to us are just two things that make us feel special every time and everyday…Family and Friends. They are our reason for all the good and best times we get in life. Family – without which I wouldn’t have existed. Friends – they are the meaning for my existence.

Time is just a number when a conversation starts. The big difference is that, before it used to be like “What we know is what we speak” and now the conversation also includes “what we learnt is also what we speak”.

This blog is about the experience with my best mates who are with me since college. The experience is nevertheless, a smaller term to describe. Emotions, feelings, happiness in abundance, Joyous states..are few of a mention. A Slice of my SELF is what I call this blog. There are two species of people wherein you show off your self to. Your best mates and to your lovable children. Being funny, kiddish, cranky are few languages I remember to be used while with them. Your mask is no more and all that’s seen is just the mirror.

The day was an evening for me, yesterday and was around 8.30pm. The date checked is 6th July 2014. My iMac was powered on and just to get bashed by keyboard strokes and visual overheads. I was just staring at my screen as if looking into the eyes of a woman. All of a sudden, my imessage came to life and responded with the following message “Dai, are you online”. That was from my mate Sathish from Chennai. Though technology has made us grow far, at times they make us feel real close and near to your mates… good and bad way lol.

The face time app in my iMac turned on with two faces looking at me. One is Sathish and the other one is Rajkumar. One more mate missing on the visuals is yet to arrive. So let me tell you about these two twinkles.

Sattu is the way we call him. Since college we never studied together. Good to ponder how come he is my best mate. He used to be in another class section B (as far as I could remember) whereas Raj, Deepa and myself from section C. Hence Sattu studied seperate and managed to pass all exams on his own lol. Sattu was like a newborn into the world of fun, laughter and excitement and so were his classmates in class lol. The real  fun factor was maybe missing there. But Sattu is always exciting and stays in his comfy zone.
Raj on the other hand plays safe and enjoys being surrounded with friends all time. He is a open book ready to be read.

The face time audio once more echoes and Sattu says along with Raj “Here comes our third guest”. That’s Deepa. Paapa is what we call her and she was looking the same since I first met her in college. The same smile that never used to fade anytime seemed fading now and then yesterday. She has her own world, a world full of friends and joy. For her, friends always came first and then her language Tamil. She would been a Tamil scholar if not choosen Accounting and Auditing as her career path. She is straightforward and has few secrets within. She is a cheerleader and shares all joy and happiness wherever she goes. Now don’t ask me about the other side lol. I want only the sun shining.

The conversation started in face time and lasted for about three short hours. Time is always our enemy when friends are together. My cheeks at pain as I was giving them a hard time exercising lol. Sattu started to share his experience after college. He spoke about his business ventures, ups and not so ups down the line. At one point felt like a corporate discussion lol. It’s our life learnt lessons that began to fuel the discussions I guess. If it would have been the college days, we would have cut shortened the topic by saying “sari da sari da machi lightaa vidu”. Sattu’s bitter but buttery experience lol with kd was dramatic. Now I know why he longed to see all of us…just kidding but hoping to see Sattu in a free zone.
Sattu was asking each of us to share any such experiences but none had any lol.

Raj and Paapa didn’t mind listening to his questions but never gave a chance for his exciting listening skills lol. Poor Sattu….his vocal chords choked till the last minute asking. Sattu managed to pull me here and there keeping my situation in his everywhere lol. Frankly speaking I was tight controlled and aware of my surroundings. Eventually the words and the actions that I represented were not in their fullest form. Now I regret of buying an iMac, the local time difference phew. Anyways regret is no more as I am sure to meet them all soon. Soon is a better word than late. Whenever you read the word “soon” it emphasizes assurance which in turn builds up one’s confidence. Oops I am sure my GPS lost track. Will be back soon 😉

Any conversation lasts till it ends. We remember, recollect and rewind them whenever wherever our thoughts intrude. Since 1998 after we left college this was our first meetup, mingling minds and hearts together. Dreams do come true for a very few. Glad we made the evening towards it.


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